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Why Train?

Do you worry your dog might run into traffic or chase wild animals if it gets outside? Does your dog take you for a walk and choke itself on its leash as it drags you everywhere? If your dog jumps on house guests, barks threateningly when the doorbell rings, or chews on inappropriate items like shoes, furniture, and fingers, you should consult a professional trainer for the proper dog training courses.

In our experience, dogs who misbehave are not “bad” at all – they’re really just nervous and unhappy, or simply don’t know any better. Dogs who feel comfortable with their owners, their homes, and the outside world are much safer than ones who spend their time “acting out.” Trained dogs are less likely to get into trouble or develop bad habits detrimental to their health, like chasing cars or eating harmful things.

Parents spend a lot of time teaching their children the right way to behave, and our four-legged family members need to learn good manners, too.

It’s a fact: well-trained dogs are happier, healthier, and safer than ones who don’t understand “the rules.”

See the difference Fidelio Training can have on your furry friend.

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