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Donovan Miller Fidelio Dog Works Dog Training in Austin TX

Hi! We are Fidelio

Whatever your dog's age, breed, or personality, our team can help.

Fidelio lessons rely on humane, gentle guidance and sensitivity to your dog’s special needs, along with plenty of patience and love. The goal of Fidelio dog training is to ensure your relationship with your canine companion is meaningful, fun, and fulfilling.

Our Four Guiding Principles

Fidelio Dog Works Principle 1 Learing is Fun

Learning is Fun

Learning should be a fun experience for you and your dog.

Fidelio Dog Works Principle 2 Everyone is Different

Everyone is Different

Each dog is an individual with a unique family environment and deserves to be treated as such.

Fidelio Dog Works Principle 3 Every Dog is Trainable

Every Dog is Trainable

Every dog is trainable! Fidelio Dog Works will find the best method for yours.

Fidelio Dog Works Principle 4 Support is Critical

On-going Support is Critical

Owners need supportive, ongoing coaching and resources to maintain their well-trained dog.

Fidelio has stayed small by design.

Our focus is on high-quality training that is effective and efficient and ensures the outcomes are on target with our goals and client objectives. This means we keep our numbers small and choose to do our program in a way that minimizes stress for both the dog and trainer as this can compromise the learning and development of the dog. We take what we do seriously and believe that if you practice diligently, you and your dog can meet your goals and live together happily. We’ll help guide you there.

Meet Fidelio

Donovan Miller, MSTC CPT

Donovan has worked with dogs for over 25 years and in multiple settings. His passion for coaching humans and facilitating the connection between their four-leggers is evident in his approach.

Donovan grew up around dogs and has been involved with his families Invisible Fence of Texas dealership since the early 90’s. In fact, Donovan sold Steve Haynes an Invisible Fence 18 years ago when Steve left his corporate gig to chase the dog training dream! For Donovan, after decades of chasing that same corporate dream and helping early-stage technology companies enter the US market, he too decided to go back to his roots and focus on working with dogs and their owners to build better and more functional relationships.


As a Certified Professional Trainer, he first focuses on building an obedience foundation with dogs while at the same time working with clients to develop proper technique and a clear understanding of how dogs learn and communicate.

Donovan Miller Fidelio Dog Works

Rebecca Miller

Rebecca has worked alongside Donovan in running Fidelio Dog Works for the last 3 years after leaving her job working for a local designer in 2020. Her entrepreneurial spirit was awakened again when she and Donovan chose to continue the company and focus on their mutual goal of helping clients and their dogs.

Rebecca’s background in running her own bakery years ago, along with her creative nature, has helped Fidelio with it’s process and procedures and client focused style. She, along with their 2 kids and dog, Ripley, help Donovan daily so the training environment mimics a real life experience of constant activity and distractions around the home.

Rebecca Miller Fidelio Dog Works

Happy Tales

Eric G.

“Great experience working with Donovan and the team. Super responsive when it comes to scheduling and the home visit was really productive. He clearly knows his stuff."
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