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Puppy Training

A Happy, Healthy and Enjoyable Puppy

Bringing a new furry friend into your life is an extraordinary and rewarding experience, and investing in a puppy training program is one of the most loving and responsible choices you can make for your new family member.


Training your puppy creates a strong foundation for a deep and lasting bond between you and your furry friend.
It's not just about obedience; it's about building trust and understanding. This connection will bring immense joy and companionship into your life.


Ensuring your puppy is well-trained is essential for their safety and your peace of mind. Proper training includes socialization, leading to a confident and friendly companion, and a well-behaved puppy reduces stress at home and brings harmony. Your investment in training pays off with a lifetime of joy and fosters responsibility and empathy in your family, strengthening a loving and harmonious relationship.

A New Puppy | The Journey

Fidelio Dog Works can help you through every step of the new puppy adventure, even before you bring the puppy home.

Puppy Training A New Puppy

Before You Choose

Deciding to bring home a new puppy is exciting but choosing the right breeder or rescue and breed of puppy whose temperament fits your family and lifestyle can be a bit overwhelming. Let us help! Our certified trainers can assist with making sure you bring home a puppy that is a good fit for your family's lifestyle.

Puppy Training Austin TX

Waiting for Puppy

Now that you’ve chosen the 4 legged companion just right for your family and are eagerly anticipating their arrival, we can help with making sure your new member of the family starts off on the right paw. Before he or she comes home, we can assist with making sure you’re ready from A-Z, answer questions, and provide resources for learning what to expect.

Puppy Training Program

Puppy is Home

Puppy training starts the moment he/she comes home. They are learning every minute of every day!! Let’s make sure they are learning the right behaviors from day one so they can grow into happy, healthy, enjoyable members of the family. We can custom design a training plan specific to your family and dog.

Training Your Puppy

Fidelio Dog Works can help with:​​

  • Potty training protocol

  • Crate training 

  • Leash training

  • Eliminate bad manners like jumping and nipping​​

  • Handling drills to prepare the puppy for going to the Vet and Groomer

  • Proper feeding schedules

  • Acceptance of touch

  • Proper playing

  • Daily schedule

  • Introduction to obedience skills

  • Socialization


  • $225 Initial Consult at the Fidelio Studio

  • $250 Initial Consult in your home

  • $1,250 5-session package

  • $2,250 10-session package

*includes properly fitted collar and leash and the Fidelio Dog Works puppy 101/house training documents for reference.  

**Initial consultation fee can be rolled into a package if purchased.

Fidelio also offers 1 and 2-week residential board and train programs for puppies 8-18 weeks old. Your pup will stay onsite at our home studio and learn all of the above behaviors and skills. Let us do the hard work of making sure your pup starts off on the right paw.

Training in Action

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